Tattoo convention Alkmaar

Next week, sunday the 29th of September we play two sets at the Alkmaar Tattoo Convention. The stage is amazing,, the beautiful historic big St Laurens Church in our hometown. So we are stoked to play there for the second time in our excistence, To all you ink lovers come ond down and enjoy the reverb of the Gods!!!

we’re sailing to Italy

Just got back from our USA tour and already we are sailing to Italy. This weekend we will perform at the biggest surfrock festival in the world, Surfer Joe. Can’t tell you how excited we are to play there and see our friends from Mullet Monster Mafia, Insect Surfers and Surfer Joe

We’re back from SoCal

We’re back home after a great tour in SoCal. It was a rockin’ rollercoaster and a far better experience than we ever could have imagined. We met a lot of awesome folks and played with so many great bands.
A tour report is coming up but for now we would like to thank the following people, without them this never could have happened the way it did:

Mario Lalli ,MatthewHutchison, SOZ Concerts( Bert van Aefst, Justin Buffinga), Jason Hall, Adam Mayes
and all the peole who came to our shows, bought our merch or in any other way gave us the feeling we were so welcome !

USA Tour

Tonight we kick off our California tour in Yucca Valley. We are stoked to play in Gadi’s Bar & Grill in a few hours. Check out our facebook for the latest updates. Next stop is Oceanside.