Lemmy introduce to you del-Toros.

Est. in 2008 these guys are pushing their musical boundaries since their first release in 2009, not changing band members but always on the look-out to pursue the highest level of quality within their own minds.

Their sonic surf riffs lead them towards the Big Ocean, the thunder of fuzzy stoner grooves takes them right into the low desert, the punk rock stink pushes them south towards the Mediterranean waves and the free flowing good time moods drives the trio east into the openness of the wasteland just to return once in a while to their founding grounds, the Lowlands.

del-Toros are the essence of all the elements of rock music boiled down to a thick energy laden benzine.
A fill up the tank and lets go for a fully instrumental joyride. An eclectic musical experience with unequal parts of surf, rock, psychedelia and beat, Stick out your thumb and hitch a seat along the highway.

del-Toros take you to all sorts of weird places, prepare to take the ride!