Live in Hollywood

It’s been soooooooo long since you heard something from us. What have we been up to? Obviously the last months not to much because of the Corona crisis. But before that we were writing a lot of new material. But, we thought if we have waited that long to keep you updated we must come with something special.

It’s weird to have a release planned in these times. But exactly one year ago, when the only signs of Corona were cheap Mexican beer and city where the guitars were built, we toured California. We did 9 shows in 14 days and are grateful that this was planned in 2019 and not in these weird times. To celebrate this Down at the nightclub records is releasing the show we did in Hollywood with the Freeks, on 23rd of may.

It is also going to be released on cassette tape later, which was the original plan. You can get yours at our merch table when we are allowed to do shows again. Meanwhile we are working on a new songs and will come back with a full blown new setlist when we can.

This album will come out on cassette for all you vintage lovers. Somewhere in september. But for now, enjoy del-Toros live on all streaming services.