Nice poster of our next show

Nice poster of our next show, made by Xandra of Gulper. Gulper is a pretty cool band from our Hometown Alkmaar. Stoner, blues and psychedelica. Here’s their website It’s gonna be a great night. We are opening and it’s the first show after some months in the studio working on our new set. Hope to see you all!!

What’s happening?

We haven’t posted on this website for a long, long time.  But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing going on. We have just being lazy to update some news items. Anyway we just got back from the studio in Eindhoven Rock City where we recorded two brand new songs with Peter van Elderen AKA Pedro Speedrock. What are we gonna do with those songs?? That’s top secret dudes. But you will hear about in a couple of months and its huge!!!

But there’s more, we are currently writing for a complete instrumental del-Toros album. Yes folks, we are keeping our mouths shut for a while and let our instruments do the talking. We are pretty excited with the results so far and we bet you’ll be blown away as well

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