Heavenly surf party @ The Move the 10th of May


We share the stage with some old friends (Surfer Joe) and new friends (Nosferatu Maniacs). So come and join us and have some drinks with us all on ascension day!!

Recording time


This week we finished the recordings of our brand new album with Peter van Elderen.  For the first time we recorded everything in our hometown Alkmaar with his mobile studio.   It’s gonna be our first fully instrumental album. We still have to record some pretty cool musical guest appearances in the next few weeks.  It’s gonna be pretty different from what we have done before, but it also still has got all the del-Toros ingredients. It’s gonna be an all killer no filler riffs & reverb mayhem!!

Anyhow, we keep you posted about our new releasedate (2018), artwork, videos, etc…



We’ll definitely make some noise at Herrie Festival


This weekend we are playing at the Duyker on the Herrie festival. We are sharing the stage with a lot of cool bands like Doodskop, I Against I,  Bring On The Bloodshet, Six Million Dollar Men, Hengel and Far From Okay.  So, if you like some surf between all these hardcore punkbands, you’re at the right place. Tickers are on sale for only 10 bucks….

See you saturday!!

Dikke Dennis and the studio


We had a blast last saturday (1st of July) as Dikke Dennis & De Kornuiten at the Rosrock festival in Rossum. So much fun to play songs from The Ramones, Ivy Green, Motorhead, Boxtops and of course, Dennis his own Schoppenaas.

But, back to reality with del-Toros. Next week we hit the studio to record 5 new songs with Peter van Elderen. It”s the first recording session for a brand new del-Toros album.  Release date t.b.a. So, stay tunes

This friday we share the stage with Stories From Shamehill


Finally we can play with Stories Of Shamehill!!!  So have a beer with us this friday in de Bakkerij in Castricum.  Two cool surfrock bands. The beautifull poster is made by Joris de Haan